Garden Design

Before starting the design process, we meet the client at the garden site and discuss the desired outcome. We then carefully study the environment and surrounding area to ensure that the client’s goals can be met.Conceptual drawings are made prior to construction. Once the design has been agreed upon, we refine it by selecting boulders and plants based on their size, texture and color. Moss may be used to impose a sense of maturity in the Japanese garden.


Garden Construction

There are many different components (listed below) that make up the construction phase of our work. Some gardens larger and more elaborate gardens have had massive contour changes which required erosion control, fine grading and seeding, whereas our smaller gardens only consisted of importation of a few carefully chosen rocks and plants.

Contour Changes:  We often redistribute the dirt on site to create a more interesting contour. If needed, we also have the ability to import fill dirt.

Erosion Control:  It is very important that the surrounding environment remains undisturbed during construction. We install silt fences around the perimeter of the job if a substantial area of earth is exposed.

Importation and Placement of Rocks:  Every boulder and rock is hand selected. We set each rock with the greatest of care, examining every side to find the best possible orientation of the rock for the given location.

Planting:  We often use mass plantings of azaleas or Japanese hollies to create a sense of calmness, with a few accent plants for emphasis. Trees such as Japanese maples, ornamental cherries, dogwoods and redbuds are also used in the gardens.

Fine Grading and Seeding:  After large contour changes are made, fine grading and seeding are necessary to finish the garden.


Water Feature Construction

Water is an important element in a Japanese garden. It often serves as the focal point in a garden. The soothing sound of water is just as appealing as the visual aspect. Zoen Garden Creation has built numerous ponds, streams and waterfalls for our clients. We integrate rocks, trees and plants into the design of the water feature to give it an immediate mature and natural look.


Dry Garden Construction

Stone in a Japanese garden metaphorically represents water. This is a wonderful alternative if a water feature is not feasible. A dry garden can evoke the feeling of a stream or waterfall even if no water is present.


Fence Bridge, Teahouse & Gate Construction and Installation

Structures such as teahouses, bridges, fences, and gates may also be incorporated into the garden, if so desired. All structures are custom made by Zoen Garden Creation. Natural materials are used which are hand selected to fit the specific location.


Garden Maintenance

Zoen Garden Creation offers routine garden maintenance for any Japanese or natural-style gardens in the area. We also offer gardener training in pruning and moss care. We are available for consultation on plant selection for future plantings and stone lantern selection and placement as well.